The Lake Merial project was a master planned mixed-use Planned Unit Development encompassing 2,100 acres in north Bay County. The development is one of the finest lake front gated communities in Florida.

The Challenges

The property includes several important features including two spring-fed lakes, (Lake Merial & Stockade Lake) and the headwaters of Cedar Creek. In addition to the predominant residential uses, a 33-acre public school and a fire/police station were incorporated into the master plan. This project includes approximately 200 acres of commercial uses and 1,250 acres of residential use.

Utilities are provided by a 5-mile offsite extension of a 12-inch forcemain along Highway 77 and the construction of an onsite wastewater treatment plant. With over 25 miles of master planned roadways, this gated community is the centerpiece of the Sand Hills area of Bay County.

Project Description

Location:Lake Merial, Florida
Surface Area:2,100 Acres